Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

We have a list of realtors that we think are likely to need real estate photography. You sign up and create an account for $50/mo. Once you've setup payment you'll head over to the create campaign page. There you'll make an email explaining why you are a good fit for a realtor to try our professional real estate photography. We'll send this email to 4 realtors a day three days out of the week! It's that simple.

How did you come up with the idea

I tried my hand at getting real estate photography jobs. All I did was contact alot of realtors who had listings that didn't have professional real estate photography. I was kind of shocked at how many people responded, so I thought why not sell this as a service. I'm not the greatest photographer but I do love sales so I thought why not focus on what I do best and let photographers focus on what they do best! My cell is 678-431-5821 if you ever want to talk!

Are you selling the same lead over and over again to other real estate photographers?

To not spam & bombard realtors, we only allow one to two photographers to contact the same realtor per month. This platform only works if we can get you sales, that wouldn't work out so well if you send the same realtor emails over and over again.

Cant I just do this myself?

You can but it would take you a long time. The same platform to generate sales for you is the platform I use to contact you - so the success of the platform is as important for me as it is for you. For $50/mo we find 48 leads for you, email them, and followup with them on your behalf. And we do this every month so if you are too busy you are still out there keeping your pipeline of customers full. That's a pretty big steal if you ask us.

I'm a realtor and I don't want to receive offers from RE Photographers. How do I remove myself?

Head over to the remove realtor page and we will take you off our mailing list.

What is your 7 day Moneyback guarantee?

If you are really unhappy with our service for any reason we give you seven days to cancel and receive a full refund. Just head over to the contact page. I also would love to hear about how I can do better, my cell is 678-431-5821 - hopefully we can still be friends and I can win your business one day!

Questions Answered?

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